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Elian Gray is a London based producer and rapper who's experimental sound manages to deviate from mainstream hip hop while still keeping in line with the genre's more classic traits. 


Elian's vocal style skips effortlessly between quirky humour and dystopian angst, packed with poetic imagery and wordplay following in the footsteps of artists like El-P, MF DOOM or Aesop Rock. Sonically his production floats through modern electronics and golden era boom bap, often dark, always progressive and tinged with psychedelic melancholia. 


While his debut LP Awkward Awe marks Elian's first outing as a solo artist, his skills have been honed through his involvement with numerous crews and bands, including Gentle Mystics, DefDFires and Undali. This gave him the chance to play festivals and gigs throughout the UK and Europe while he continued to develop his production technique working as a soundtrack artist, as well as cutting demos and EPs for a variety of musicians and vocalists.


So, with all this under his belt already and with his debut LP available now, it’s safe to say that Elian Gray has lost none of his experimental passion over the years; in fact, there is argument to say it has increased and I think the effects of that will become more apparent as his creativity continues.

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